No To Sky

I’m really disgusted by the BBC’s decision to give up half their coverage of formula one in favour of Sky.

Even if I could afford to pay to watch the sport on Sky, I wouldn’t want to pay money to any company owned by Rupert Murdoch, so I will only be able to see half the races next year. That saddens me.

Formula One is something that the BBC does really well, they deservedly won a BAFTA for the coverage of the race in Abu Dhabi last year, in which Sebastian Vettel became World Champion. There are rare occasions when I think that a sport can achieve the status of art, and I think that was one of these. It was not the most exciting of races, but there was something really beautiful about Vettel’s drive, he was so far in front of the rest, and made it look so elegant and effortless in the last few laps. I was moved to tears when he finally won.

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