Folk Song Fantasia – a New Rendition

I’ve been experimenting with getting a better computer rendition of my Orchestral Fantasia. The results are below.

Orchestral Fantasia Based on 3 Folk Songs

(Beware it is quite a big file – nearly 27MB)

The rendition was created using Cubase as a sequencer, with the Garritan Personal Orchestra as virtual instrument. The original score was exported from Finale as a midi file, and imported into Cubase, and then it is just a question of assigning the instruments.

This seems to give much better results than the rendition generated by Sibelius or Finale, even when using GPO in place of the standard sounds. I don’t understand why this is, but the results are clear. The instrumental parts in particular are much clearer. To hear the comparison I posted a version generated using Finale in a previous post.

There are other orchestral instrument libraries available. The one by East West probably has nicer sounds than GPO, but is eye-wateringly expensive. Chris Lawry very kindly made a version of part of the same piece using the East West library (again with Cubase as the sequencer), I have posted it here for comparison:-

Orchestral Fantasia using East West Instrument Library

It is pretty remarkable what can be achieved on a laptop these days in terms of generating a reasonably realistic orchestral sound.

Still I think it will be a long time before a computer can replace a real orchestra, and personally I hope that day never comes. I don’t believe that humanity will have made a step forward.

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