I’m Still Here and I’m OK

Since some people have expressed concern about my well-being, this is just a short post to make it clear that I am fine, I simply have not felt like updating my blog until now. The purpose of this blog was never to be a confessional, I suppose that I am old enough to firmly believe in the importance of drawing a line between the public and the private sphere. Therefore I did not want to be writing about having cancer. However I can say that my treatment has been successful (so far anyway), it just takes a long time to get over. It is a bit like climbing out of a deep, dark well: even when you reach daylight you are not over it, you are so exhausted by the experience that you just want to lie in the sunshine and rest. At least so I have found it.

In the meantime here is a picture of a painting I made last year.landscape-small. I took up painting again – not really having done any since I was a teenager – but felt the need for some kind of hobby that I could do sitting down.