My New Camera

I’ve treated myself to a new digital SLR camera, a Canon EOS 60D. It was expensive enough that it took me some time to work myself up to actually buying it. I am not good at spending money (lack of practise? or just inherent stinginess?).

I have to say that I already love it.

Back in the days before digital photography I used to own a Canon AE 1 (in fact I have still got it), in some ways it seems quite similar. The thing about Canon is that they do make good lenses, one of the most important things in determining the quality of the picture you get.

I am not a very technical photographer, I mainly just enjoy looking at things and taking a picture if I think they look interesting. I did at one time learn about f stops and that kind of thing, but I have forgotten most of it now. I first became interested in photography when I bought a very old (probably 1950s) camera from a market stall for £10. It had no exposure meter, and you could not actually tell from the viewfinder whether or not it was in focus. I had to estimate the distance to the subject, and then guess the light level and set the f-stop. Surprisingly I became quite good at it, the pictures often came out. The thing that made all this hassle worthwhile is that it had a beautiful lens, the results could be lovely.

Unfortunately in a fit of generosity I gave the camera away a few years ago, something that I regret to this day. I only hope that the person I gave it to appreciates it.

Anyway here are a few pictures with my new camera. Sadly just after I bought it I was ill for a while, then the weather has been miserable since, so I have not had much opportunity to use it, but here are a few.


The last one went a bit wrong, but I quite like the result anyway.